What makes a good parent? Is it all about the amount of quality time you give or about the way you support and provide for your children?

As a working parent, I find that I constantly feel torn between my family and my job. Working in the teaching profession is extremely demanding and due to my illness, I am only working part time. However, even when I am home I’m still working, whether it be marking or planning and preparing resources.

I wonder what affect my absence will have on my children. I hope that I am showing them a good example by working hard and providing for my family. However, part of me wonders if they feel resentful for the time that I give to my job.

We are all guilty of stressing out from time to time but this again can contribute to FND. I always try to think in a rational way and try not to over pressure myself. My advice for any working parents is to allow yourself quality time with your children. Try not to feel guilty about the time you spend on your work but make sure you allow yourself time for you and your family.

After my diagnosis I was sent to take part in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This is normally used to treat people suffering from OCD. The purpose of this therapy was to retrain my brain to accept my illness and not fe

el guilty for saying no when I need to. I attended several sessions and although it didn’t cure me it helped me to find ways to not stress.

I hope that this information has been useful. Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xxx