I have been reading quite a few autobiographies over the past week. One author described the task as ‘indulgent’. I felt that this was probably a good way to describe it. Depicting each moment of your life for the reader and trying to make them agree with the importance.

Although this blog is by no means an autobiography, it is an open door into my personal life and battles with FND (Functional Neurological Disorder). I find it quite therapeutic and satisfying. My friends, family and colleagues who have had a chance to read my blog are beginning to gain a better understanding of my illness. Also, many readers had never heard of FND and now know about it and have a bit of understanding about what is involved.

I have been researching more as a result of writing this blog and now realise just how lucky I am. Some other sufferers are in a much worse state than me (paralysis, wheel chair bound).

I will continue to share and spread awareness and hope to help others.

Thanks for reading

Charlotte xxx