In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

Cautiously, the young, anxious boy made his way slowly through the dark and dangerous cave. As he gradually approached the small opening at the back of the cave, he heard a strange rustling, he knew that someone or something was there with him.

Sweat began to drip from his creased forehead, he wiped it away with his fresh beach towel. He shook from head to toe but he had the curiosity of a cat, the boy needed to know who or what was there.

He began to slide through the small opening, suddenly he heard the most almighty snarl. Then without warning a huge claw grabbed at the boys tiny arm.  He screamed. Luckily, he was so sweaty  his arms were as sloppy as a bowl of soup. He managed to break free from the grasp of the mysterious creature. He  sprinted away…

“Don’t look back” bellowed the creature from deep within the cave.

(Please note that I have borrowed this picture from Monsters website.)