The World is in a state of shock. We wonder how anyone can justify the actions of what occurred in Paris on Friday night. How could anyone truly believe that they are acting on behalf of a religious belief?!?

I am really suffering health wise and I feel guilty. How dare I complain at a time like this. So many are suffering and so many people are affected by this terrible tragedy.

It’s important to remember that this type of tragedy is happening every day in some countries and we hear nothing. Nothing is mentioned in the UK about the 1000s of innocent civilians being killed each and every day in these war ridden countries.

Despite feeling so poorly today, all that has happened has helped to put everything into perspective. I guess my message is to hold on to all the great things that surround you. Instead of dwelling on the negative, focus on the positive. Most of all be grateful for all that you have and don’t be envious of the things that you don’t!

Pray for Paris.

Thanks for reading đŸ™‚

Charlotte xxx