It’s been a week or so since I have written a full blog. The past few days have been quite tough!

Functional Neurological Disorder has a wide range of symptoms, some of these include: non epileptic seizures, severe migraines, temporary paralysis. I could go on but I think you get the picture 😉 .

So when I fainted last Thursday night after experiencing numbness in my arms and face I assumed that this was probably just a nasty new symptom!

Following this episode on Thursday evening, I went on to collapse another two times on Friday morning. At this point, I was actually more frustrated than anything else. I called my GP and went straight over only to be sent to A&E.

The hospital took me straight through to ‘Majors’ and hooked me up to an ecg machine and put a drip in. They contacted my neurologist team at Queens Square and went through the symptoms.

At first the doctors were looking along the lines of my brain ‘overheating’ (who knew that could actually happen?!?).

After spending a good 12 hours in the hospital, I felt a little better and I told the A&E doctors that if it’s my brain they’re better off leaving it to the experts.

I spent the whole weekend in bed and in agony (where are my violins? Hehe). On Monday morning I went to the National Neurological Hospital in Queens Square. The doctors at the A&E had sent all my test results. I had to have several other tests whilst there.

It turned out that fainting and numbness are actually not symptoms of FND. After going over all of my test results it turns out that they have found that my heart is not beating regularly. This is why I have been fainting and feeling breathless. The hardest part of it was that this heart issue is completely separate from my brain disorder.

It’s a lot to take in, I’m just 33 years old and it looks like I’m 93 on paper. The cardiologist has said that I will most likely have to have a pacemaker fitted.

If I’m honest, at first I felt really angry. I wanted to let my family and friends know what had happened. I wasn’t looking for sympathy, I just wanted to vent. This ‘condition’ is just another challenge. The comments and love that I received was overwhelming. This just proved to me how lucky I am. Their words of encouragement and kindness just lifted me.

As we grow older it becomes more apparent that life is great but life is bloody hard. I won’t let my heart or my brain stop me. I have two amazing boys who need a mother and not a victim. I will continue to fight this fight for them with the amazing support from my family and friends.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Charlotte xxx

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