Research has shown that people who have been bullied as a child are more likely to suffer from mental health problems in later life.

This past week has been anti bullying week in schools all over the country. I have seen on the news this morning that bullying continues to be a huge problem in our schools.

Unfortunately, I experienced bullying during my school years mostly by just one person. This had a huge effect on my self confidence. I never felt that I was able to talk to anyone about it and so I suffered in silence. This year’s theme has been ‘shout out at bullying’. The message being that no one should suffer in silence.

My youngest son is a shy and eccentric character. He has recently been a victim of bullying but thankfully he was able to tell me about it. It’s so important that anyone suffering because of bullying should have someone to talk to. I am grateful to have a close bond with my son and that he was able to talk to me!

Have you ever experienced bullying or been a bully yourself?

If so, how has that impacted on you in later life?