I have been suffering a fair bit over the last two weeks, I continue to have fainting episodes and dizziness. I am waiting to see the cardiologist to deal with my heart issue. I am yet to be diagnosed but the doctors believe that the next step will be to fit me with a pace maker to control my irregular heart beat.

As a result of my current situation my neurological symptoms have also ‘flared’ up. I am suffering with more non epileptic attacks and nasty migraines. Thankfully, these seem to be occurring more at night time so are not affecting my work too much!

I have been researching ways to try and control the symptoms of FND. I have found some useful tips on this website .

During my last visit to Queen’s Square, I met with a Neurophysiologist. He showed me some ways of postponing my seizures that were similar to meditation. You have to relax all your muscles and breathe deeply. I found that this works at first but then the seizures come back with a vengeance later on in the evening.

I have been feeling quite down and had to remind myself of why I am doing all of this.We only get one chance at this wonderful, intriguing thing we call life. The way you treat others will reflect on what those around you think of you. Our actions and choices help to shape who we are.

I am surrounded each and every day by amazing, inspiring and kind people at home and at work. I am privileged enough to spend my days teaching young children. The feeling that you have when they hit that ‘light bulb’ moment really is indescribable. Just thinking about it, gives me goosebumps!!

Spread love not hate. Spread smiles not frowns. Thank those around you whenever you can about the smallest of things. Treat each day like it’s your last.

Love life. Life is beautiful xxx