I have been very busy over the past week. Christmas time in schools can be a crazy time of year!

I am currently the choir teacher at my school and we have been extremely busy. This is great as I love to see the children achieve and perform but it has started to put a strain on my health again. Those of you that are kind enough to keep up to date with my blog will know that I have recently developed a further issue with my heart.

Today, I had to miss a performance as I was quite simply exhausted. I cried which I hate but it’s not because I feel sorry for myself. The reason I cried was out of pure frustration. There is so much that I need to do and I try my best to do it but I feel like my body and my brain let me down. I am lucky that I work with such kind and caring people. All of which were more than happy to help me when they could see that I was suffering.

I am finding that I can escape this frustration and disappointment. I find that writing my blog and sharing my struggles and raising awareness is very therapeutic. The comments and suggestions I receive as a result of my writing help to motivate me to keep going. Writing my blog helps me to escape feelings of stress and anxiety and refocuses me.

As you grow up you start to realise that life is not always easy. We all face challenges big and small. I believe that everyone needs a place to escape to. Whether that be reading a book or having a manicure, everyone needs to get away from every day stresses and just be.

I love reading but I’m struggling to concentrate at the moment because of symptoms of FND and my heart issue. So I choose to write, vent and share with anyone that wishes to read about my life with FND.

What’s your escapism? How do you take yourself away from it all?

I look forward to reading any of your thoughts.

Thank you for reading

Charlotte x x x