It’s time to ‘pick up my game’. My health is once again failing and I know that I have a real fight ahead.

I am just coming to the end of a lovely half term with my boys. It’s been a week of ups and downs. I had to say goodbye to a cherished family member this week. She was a wonderful lady and will be missed terribly.

The beginning of the week was filled with optimism, I felt quite well and rested. I received my appointments for my echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) and my 48 hour ecg. Despite these being supposedly urgent, I have to wait until the 18th of March and 8th of April. According to the cardiology department these are urgent appointments and if they weren’t I would be waiting until November!!

As the week has progressed, I have been experiencing issues with FND. These have included severe migraines and burning pins and needles across my body. On top of this my chest seems to be getting worse. I continue to feel dizzy/faint and have a heavy ache across the chest. I am also getting quite breathless. On Thursday night, I was unable to speak!? I think this was because I couldn’t catch my breath but it could be my brain, who knows?!

I want people to understand what I’m dealing with each day. This isn’t because I want sympathy, I am simply trying to educate anyone that wants to learn about FND. If anyone recognises any of these symptoms in a friend or family member, they could help diagnoses.

I am returning to work on Monday, I have planned my days with help from my CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) therapist. I am trying a method called Pacing. This is all about breaking your activities into sections, making sure that you don’t over do it. Hopefully, my health won’t let me down. I will try to listen to my body and stop when I need to.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. It really means a lot. I am always happy to answer any questions about anything mentioned.

Charlotte xxx

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