Living with FND requires a lot of self awareness. Looking after my two children and working as a teacher, albeit ‘part time’ is quite a job in itself. If I don’t keep check on my condition, I can be hit really hard leaving me bed bound and unable to function.

My recent CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) has really helped me to recognise the need to allow myself to pace my day. My therapist asked me to fill in a weekly diary noting my day to day activities. When I showed her my diary she was shocked, she couldn’t believe how much we do in a week. However, I know that most working mum’s diaries would look the same!

I am a strong believer in routine and without it there is no way I could manage to work and look after my family whilst dealing with the ‘delightful’ symptoms of FND. I know that I am very fortunate to be able to live a relatively normal life despite everything.

The brain is an amazing and intriguing ‘computer’. I like to think that mine just has a ‘virus’ at the moment. I am lucky to have good days as well as the bad. When I first fell ill I thought that was it. Then I realised all that I had to lose. That’s when my fight began.

Although there is no magical cure for my illness it can definitely be kept under some control. Obviously, sometimes you can’t fight it or beat it but there will be times when you are winning.

So, in essence, my top tips for today include: pacing yourself; keeping a good routine; allowing your body to cope with the bad days and I guess just not giving up!!

I will always live with the belief that one day I will wake up and my pain will be gone. I hope that I can give hope to those in earlier stages of FND that things can improve. Despite the bad days, life is good and it’s most definitely for living.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. If you have any other tips for coping with the symptoms of illness please feel free to comment.

Charlotte xxx