This week I finally got a diagnosis for my heart condition. I am extremely fortunate that there is no sign of disease in my heart. I have arrhythmia aka atrial fibrillation. Unfortunately, I have to have a pacemaker fitted.

The link above describes my condition in more detail according to the NHS.

The cardiologist seems extremely confident that once I have had the operation my fainting episodes and heavy chest pain should cease. Of course, I’m not totally thrilled that I have to have a pacemaker at 33 but who cares?!? After all the recent despair my family have been through, the fact that they can fix me is a god send!

I just need to find a cure for FND then I will be laughing! However, I won’t hold my breath!!

I have a consultation with the neurologist at Queens Square hospital next Friday. I am hoping to discuss my new condition and my current medication. Eventually, I would like to stop or at least cut down on my medication. Here’s hoping!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.