My last two posts have been delving into the problems that arise when suffering from a chronic illness. The current definition of a chronic illness can be found on the NHS website or Wikipedia

As I have been suffering with FND for 3 years it is seen as chronic.

So, I have discussed isolation and guilt. Two very common issues that arise when constantly dealing with any illness. Today, I will discuss fatigue.

Imagine waking up each and every day and feeling as though you haven’t slept. Despite having at least 8 hours sleep every night, I wake each morning feeling absolutely exhausted. I know as we get older we all feel tired all the time – that’s life – but this feeling is like no other I have ever experienced. When my alarm goes off in the morning (this is very personal but important) I cry and I shake. My body burns and my head throbs. This is the reality of the fatigue chronic pain causes.

Lifestyle changes can help with fatigue so I try my best to eat healthily and exercise. However, dealing with both FND and my current heart issues make this even more difficult. I have gained weight due to my medication and find that after work, I am simply too drained to do anything. Unfortunately, there is no magical cure for fatigue and it is just one of the many difficulties one has to deal with. There are currently many studies into the affects on quality of life for chronic illness patients suffering fatigue. In the past it hasn’t been favoured due to a lack of knowledge. Gradually more studies are arising so hopefully there will be more help for sufferers in the future. This studybin particular highlights how it can effect quality of life;

I hope that my blogs are helping you to gain a better understanding. I am always happy to answer any questions about anything mentioned.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Charlotte xxx