Thank goodness it’s Friday! What a week it has been. My head and chest have both been equally bad but somehow I have managed to get through another week.

I found out on Wednesday, that we are being evicted in two months as our landlord wants to sell. I couldn’t believe it. Another blow. Moving is stressful enough but I have all my final tests on my heart in August before I am fitted with my pacemaker. I know that our house is not ours but it has become our home. We have lived here for 4 years and I will truly miss it. Now that I have had time to process it all, I am trying my best to be positive. Perhaps a new home could new health?!? (I’m always the optimist).

The reason for suffering more this week is the intense humidity. Many people who suffer with neurological conditions like FND have trouble maintaining a normal body temperature. This is discussed in more detail in the website below.

I always feel more embarrassed as because of my bodies lack of ability to control my temperature I sweat really badly. I know it’s not because of my weight because I have been much bigger in the past and not sweated half as much. The intense heat and stormy weather causes a build up of pressure in my head which increases my migraines. Unfortunately, more migraines means more seizures.

I follow another blogger with FND on Facebook and it’s fantastic. She is always putting up very useful information about FND and chronic illnesses. Today she put up a post about levels of consciousness. What many people don’t know is that sufferers of Non epileptic seizures are often fully conscious during episodes but we have no control over our bodies. It’s a petrifying experience when your body shakes uncontrollably and you can hear those around you panicking. You have no ability to speak or communicate but you can feel every second of pain. Some of this is explained in the website below.

Once again, I know I sound like a broken record but I have been really quite lucky. So many friends and family have offered their help and even their homes to us this week. We are struggling financially and at the moment we don’t know how we are going to afford to move but we have to. If the worst happens I know that thanks to our loved ones we won’t end up on the streets.

I am forever grateful for those of you who take the time to read my story and help me raise awareness of FND. It’s a lonely illness and I want to help anyone who needs it.

Much love

Charlotte xxx