The effects of living with someone who has a chronic illness can be life changing. You will see a complete transformation of the person you love. They can go from being a positive, laid back person to a negative, stressed out person rapidly. Your love will be tested to its limits but if you really love that person, you will stand by and support them. Despite this you have no guarantee that they will return to their old ways again.

I often wonder what makes Mr Right stay. We had only been together 3 years when I first fell ill. He had no obligation to stay. My children were not his responsibility, he could have ran and never looked back. However, he didn’t run. He didn’t turn away. He stayed. Despite all the stress and how much I have changed, he is still here. He stands by me and supports me and my children. He does all of this because he loves me. Another reason for me to be thankful!

I can honestly say that without him I’m not sure if I would have survived these last few years. Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel guilty. My illness has such a huge effect on him. I know at times he feels helpless. He wants to take away my pain and suffering but he can’t.

It is so important that those who care for sufferers of chronic illness have a support system. Whether that be someone to talk to or to help and support them too. They too feel the pain and the suffering and it’s not an easy life.

Functional Neurological Disorder has changed the lives of my little family in so many ways. One prominent change is how close we have become. We are a team, a unit that can’t be broken.

If you know someone who is caring for a loved one, please when you can, offer them support. Most of the time they will say they’re fine but just showing you care can make such a big difference.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Charlotte xxx