I have had another very busy week but despite that I have been ‘okay’ health wise. Living with FND leaves you in constant limbo. You never know what your day will be like. Some days, despite head aches and pins and needles, I can feel almost normal. Other days I can feel at deaths door. If I look back to last year, after a week like this one, I would have been extremely poorly. I can see an improvement in my health but I am far from being a normal, healthy 33 year old.

On top of dealing with my side effects of FND, I’m still suffering a lot from my arrhythmia. Unfortunately, I am still waiting further tests before I can be fitted with my pacemaker. These tests are not until the end of July and the beginning of August. The cardiologist wants to make sure that I don’t need to be fitted with a defibrillator.  This week I have had two episodes of excruciating chest pain and fainting. Luckily, these have happened in the afternoon and evening so they haven’t interfered with work.

I was looking forward to having a much needed rest over the summer holidays but we now have to move house. I am thankful that we have been able to find another place near work. However, I am worried that the stress of moving could put me in hospital. I know that I am not in the best of health. I have a brain disorder which causes seizures and severe migraines and arrhythmia to top it off. Although stress does not cause any of these it certainly doesn’t help!

I can’t change what’s ahead but once again, I must try my best to pace myself and not over do it. I just hope that I manage it all and my health doesn’t let me down. I will try to keep my blog up to date as it’s a good way to process and track my health.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Charlotte xxx