I have been extremely lucky to have a really good rest over the summer holidays. I return to work on Thursday and I am taking on more responsibility and more whole class teaching. There is a mixture of feelings that I am experiencing. I am excited; I have so many new approaches that I can’t wait to try. I am hopeful; I am hoping that by pacing myself, I manage to work and to not fall into a pattern of suffering. On the down side, I am worried. Despite the great rest I have still been experiencing migraines and seizures. They have lessened but they are still quite regular. 

Living with FND has taught me a lot about patience. I am a hard worker, I used to be ‘on the go’ from morning to night. I loved it. I love nothing better than working to my full potential. Now I am learning to be the new me. Part of the old Charlotte is still here and always will be but I have had to learn to adapt myself around surviving FND. Part of this adaptation is learning to be patient. 

Having a chronic illness is certainly life changing but it’s important to not let it become life destroying. I am not willing to let it consume me. Yes, of course, I am worried about taking on more responsibility and the effect this might have on my health but that won’t and never will stop me from trying. The easy option would be to roll over and give in to the pain, the exhaustion but then I would be losing. I refuse to give up and I refuse to lose!

I know that I’m relatively lucky. The fact that I can still work means that I am one of the fortunate ones. If you or a close family member has been diagnosed with FND, please don’t ever give up. You can still be happy and live a good life. It might not be the life you had planned but it can still be great and if you try hard enough it could even be amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

Charlotte xxx