It’s been a busy but exciting week. I am excited to introduce my readers to FND Action. They are a non profit organisation that aims to raise awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder. I was lucky enough to be asked to share my blog on their website! Here’s a link to the website. It is fantastic and really explains the illness in detail. 

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As a person living with a chronic illness it is always a good feeling to find others who can understand what you are going through. Even those closest to me can never truly understand what it is like. A fellow sufferer will know what a challenge each day can be. They will know the pain and the loneliness you feel even with people surrounding you. 

I really would like to help others. If it helps to speak to someone who understands how hard it can be then please feel free to ask me questions. As I said in my blog earlier this week, please never give up. Life is a challenge that can  accomplished even with the biggest hurdles. 

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my story. 

Charlotte xxx