I have managed to survive my second week of my new hours at work. If I’m completely honest, I’m exhausted and in terrible pain BUT I did it! 
I am managing okay and I haven’t had any fainting episodes and only a couple of seizures in the evening which adds up to a successful week. My seizures have changed their pattern as they do with FND. It was once described to me as a bopping game at an arcade. The neurologist said, “Imagine FND like a bopping game. Every time one symptom dissappears another new symptom can ‘pop’ up”. I have found this to be the case.

The other night, following a very busy day, my left eye clamped shut followed by my right eye. Imagine that your eyes are almost turning inside out while your whole face is twitching, that’s pretty much what happened. This then led to my neck and back muscles tensing up tightly and beginning to jolt violently. Eventually, all of this led to a 15 minute, violent seizure. Luckily, Mr Right was with me the whole time and stopped me injuring myself. 

If you suffer with FND it’s important to be aware of the sudden changes that can occur. Try not to lose hope. All these changes can hopefully lead to it eventually burning out (I’m always an optimist 😋).

I have another appointment at the hospital tomorrow afternoon to see the cardiologist as a follow up to last week’s Exercise Tolerance Test and to check how the new meds are working. I am quite sure they are helping as the fainting has eased (fingers crossed!!). I think I’m copying quite well. Let’s hope the doctors see it that way too.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my story. 

Charlotte xxx