I have had the week from hell. It happens to us all at some point in our lives. A couple of days ago I honestly thought my entire life was over. Unfortunately, there are some things I can’t share with my readers but let’s just say it is a HUGE lesson learnt! Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual  (my goodness, I really wish it did!!) but some how, thanks to some amazing people, I think/hope we’re going to eventually get through this!
Of course, with all the extra stress my FND has had a field trip. My body has been on fire. One of the ‘invisible’ parts of Functional Neurological Disorder is the chronic pain. Imagine scraping a thousand burning needles across your body whilst crushing your head in a grinder and that’s not even close 😧 I know, I know someone get out the mini violins lol. On a serious note, this type of chronic pain can be so crippling. Some days it’s almost impossible to drag myself out of bed but through grit and determination I manage it. Once I’m at work, I literally don’t have the time to think about it and eventually I can almost carry on as normal. The only downside is that when I finally get home all my symptoms come crashing at me and my whole body shuts down.

I am not a religious person, however I admit when times are hard – bit of an understatement for this week – I make the age old mistake of looking for someone to blame šŸ˜³ I have to say that I really feel that it’s not down to a greater entity  (although I am not insinuating that there’s no God!!!) I believe that it all comes down to humanity. I always strive to be the best person I can be and treat people how I would like to be treated. This week, I have been shown acts of kindness from those around me that give me such great faith in humanity without which I wouldn’t have made it through this week.

When you hit the hard times, I ask you to stop and look around you. If you have people around you who are willing to stand by your side, then you are richer than you could ever imagine. 

Here’s to a good night’s sleep and a fresh tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. 

Charlotte xxx