I have had to neglect my blog this week due to having an incredibly busy work load. I am pleased with how well my body has coped considering how busy I have been! I have had quite a few seizures but these have occurred more at night in bed. My general pain has been bad but I have just soldiered on as you do.
Unfortunately, one of my main issues that I have been battling on top of everything else is insomnia 😥 the NHS describes insomnia as sleep deprivation. There is a full description in the website below.

When I originally started my medication for Functional Neurological Disorder it was so strong and would ‘knock me out’. I could sleep for 10 hours plus but still suffered with chronic fatigue . In the past month, I have started to have extreme trouble sleeping. I am taking at least 2 hours to get to sleep and when I finally do I am waking up constantly throughout the night and finding that I am wide awake most of the night. 

I know that it is common to have problems with your sleep due to stress and anxiety, however, despite my busy workload and my illness I have trained my mind to not allow stress in! 

I know from discussing this issue with fellow FND sufferers that unfortunately , insomnia is a very common symptom. When I lay down in bed, most nights, my body is in constant pain. I believe the correct term is neuropathy. Your body is filled with nerves, try to imagine what it would feel like if all those nerves were confused and were disturbed. I basically am fighting a constant battle to just go to sleep. 

I am going to try and keep a sleep diary over the next few weeks to take note of my sleep disturbance. I’m hoping this will be helpful for my neurologist to see. Perhaps they will suggest some ways of improving my sleep as I have tried all the conventional methods. Fingers crossed!

On Tuesday , I’m going to Hammersmith hospital in London to their Syncope clinic. I am having what’s called a Tilt test. I am pleased to say that since starting the medication given to me by my cardiologist my fainting episodes have lessened quite considerably. However, I’m still experiencing some so that is why I am having more tests. Below is a website that gives a bit of information on tilt tests. It sounds delightful 😂

I have another busy week ahead. I know that I’m relatively lucky to still be able to work at the moment. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how much I have left to give 😟 but I won’t give up until I have to!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

Charlotte xxx  

This website describes neuropathic pain and treatment :