Thank goodness it’s Friday! It’s been yet another crazy, busy week. I was very spoilt yesterday for my birthday and had a lovely day. Unfortunately, FND didn’t fancy a day off and I ended up extremely poorly through the night. Despite this, I managed to make it through my work day with the help of lots of pain killers!

As I have mentioned before FND acts like one of the bopper games at a show. One day you can experience one symptom, the next day a whole new symptom can just pop up 😕 

Last night I experienced a very scary new symptom. My head had been feeling like my brain was swelling up all day. My lower back at the base of my spine had been feeling tingly and quite numb. Out of nowhere, I suddenly lost the use of my legs. It felt as though my brain wasn’t communicating with my legs and I was unable to move them at all. I was petrified and got myself into quite a state. This horrible sensation lasted for only 10 minutes or so but I am praying that it doesn’t happen again anytime soon!

If I’m honest, I was quite frightened to go to sleep last night, I was worried that when I woke up I might not be able to move my legs again. Thankfully I was okay this morning. However, I’m still feeling the strange sensation at the bottom of my back. If this symptom reoccurs I will go to see my GP or contact my neurologist!

Please don’t take this post as a cry for help. I am trying to show people how changeable FND can be. Whilst I am struggling health wise I want to try and record all these new symptoms in the hope of noticing any patterns. I must try to stay positive and I know that I have a lot to be thankful for!

I must take my time this weekend to rest and recuperate. I have been on full attack all week and have been ignoring my signals. I know that I’m way overdoing it and that’s why I am suffering so much. It’s now time for a bit of recovery. I have to be a bit selfish and focus on some healing so that my lovely boys can have their mum back!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story . 

Charlotte xxx