I’m excited to find out that there’s now another FND charity /support group up and running called FND Dimensions! I’m also thrilled to see that they have the support of Dr Mark Edwards, a specialist in our condition. I was lucky enough to receive some treatment from him at the National Neurological hospital in Queen’s Square before he moved on to run a clinic at St George’s hospital. 

I’m afraid to say that my current condition has plummeted. I was sent to my local hospital by my GP on Tuesday as I am experiencing numbness in my back and bottom and I’m losing strength in my legs. As a precaution, the Orthopaedic doctor sent me for an MRI scan of my spine. Thankfully, there’s nothing pressing against my spinal cord! Unfortunately, this means it’s probably a new symptom of FND. I’m trying my best to stay positive and hope this will pass, however it seems to be progressing and worsening. After I had a seizure last night my legs went completely numb and when I tried to stand I couldn’t.

I know that I have been extremely busy and definitely over doing it but I have already made changes that will start next week to improve and ease my workload. I am blessed to work for an amazing and compassionate person who only wants the best for me. Yet another reason to be thankful!!

I am going to see my neurologist at Queens Square tomorrow afternoon to find out what can be done insight of these new symptoms. There is absolutely NO way I’m going to allow this to beat me. I am sure there must be some way to stop the numbness spreading. My boys and everyone else need a ‘functioning’ Charlotte not a broken one!

I will hopefully be able to update at the weekend with some good news (fingers crossed). 

FND is not just an umbrella for unexplained symptoms. It’s a real disorder that affects the way your brain functions. It can block signals that produce sensations and movement. I just need to find a way to ‘unblock’ my signals. I read this earlier on the FND Dimensions website, a piece written by Dr Edwards.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Charlotte xxx