I can’t believe it’s Christmas eve again. The saying that ‘each year goes faster, the older you get’ is most definitely true!

I have had a whole week at home to rest after being advised by my neurologist that my body was ‘shutting down’ because I was over doing it  (again). I am thrilled to say that for the past two days I have had no seizures and no loss of movement in my legs. What makes me feel so good is my youngest son. He said that all he wanted for Christmas is for his mummy to still be walking, I told him that whatever happens we will get through it. I know that this may only be temporary but I just want my family to be happy and enjoy Christmas. I hope that by listening to my body and slowing down, we can enjoy a relaxing break without any problems. 

It was really, really hard for me to give in. I hated to admit defeat and to not go to work. I know that everything will run smoothly without me there but I feel that I’m letting FND win every time I have to stay at home. I need to turn a corner. I know that over doing it will ultimately result in a rise in symptoms and illness so I have to stop. I won’t be able to change straight away, it will need to be a gradual change of habit. I need to avoid the triggers and think of my family!

As we head into a new year, after what can only be described as a bloody awful one for 2016, I plan to try and focus on positivity. I will be arranging some fundraising activities for FND Action and along with a fellow sufferer, we plan to launch an awareness raising event on social media. All very exciting but also very important. Education is key and considering up to 40% of patients in a neurological hospital ward has FND, it’s about time that everyone learns more about this horrible, life changing illness. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that by reading my blog that you have gained a greater understanding of Functional Neurological Disorder.