We have all met times in our lives when we have come across challenges. Personally, I have had many, some have had bigger impacts than others. I like to think of these challenges as lessons. 

We’re never going to get along with everyone we meet so many factors come in to how well we ‘mesh’ with others. No doubt, some of these people will cause you much upset! 

One of the reasons I may have become ill with FND is due to traumatic experiences. My brain stored it away till a later date and then let loose all at once sending my brain into complete confusion and disarray. I’m not in anyway blaming the people who may have emotionally attacked me in the past for my illness. However, these moments, these mental traumas, destroyed just a small part of me which meant I needed to take the time to heal. I never did, I tucked them away, brushed them off. 

I know now that I can’t blame others for the way they’ve treated me in the past. At the same time I also can’t blame myself. I’m not and never will be responsible for any person’s actions other than my own.

I’m still constantly learning, life doesn’t come with a manual. I will say this; always think before you speak, try to look at things from the perspective of the other person. When you do, I promise you that things will start to make sense.

I am waiting for test results next week. Whatever the outcome, I know that everything is going to be just fine. After all the things I have been through, like everyone else, this won’t knock me down.

I am so grateful for my little family, we may not be perfect but I wouldn’t change them for anything! Also for those friends I know that understand and support me, thank you! Love you all x

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. 

Charlotte xxx