I love to read, not on a Kindle or any digital device, I love to read books. The smell of them, the feel of them. Having the chance to ‘escape’ into a whole other world.
I don’t have much of a chance to remove myself from my illness but when I’m reading, when I become totally engrossed in a fantastic story, just for a moment, I’m me again. 

I find that I become involved with the characters. I want to know what will be, where their ending or their beginning will come. You can be transported to another dimension, away from the sometimes harsh realities of life.

There isn’t one book in particular that I can choose as my favourite, there are so many I love. One book I read recently was ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. There’s a quote that sums up so much for me from this story and I would like to finish this short blog with it. 

‘That’s the problem with pain, it demands to be felt’ John Green.