Unfortunately, today I’m ‘losing the battle’. The pain and exhaustion have become too much and I’m stuck in my bed. It’s okay though, these days are just part of my self care management. 

When I was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder, I felt as though I had been given a label and simply dumped. In 2013, when I was diagnosed, there was very little they could do. Thank goodness, things are FINALLY looking up! There continues to be a much greater understanding of this disorder. Nearly every month, there are huge conferences held around the world. These conferences are teaching all the medical profession about FND. There was a myth that all the symptoms are ‘in your head’. Which they now know is complete RUBBISH! The symptoms caused by this disorder are very REAL.

This greater understanding has led to better treatments and management. I am psyched to be attending the FND rehabilitation course for 5 weeks from January. The results of which look very promising. Obviously, each patient reacts differently to the treatment but I’m going to put my all in to it and hope for the best!

As I have said many times, I may have lost today’s battle but I will not lose the war! I will let my body rest today and be ready to face another week tomorrow. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Charlotte xxx